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[wine 2]

They’re drinking so much wine! Did you hear that!? Hey you! Yea- SHOOT - hey you! Millennials are drinking so much wine! They’re drinking so much wine that. Millennials are drinking all the WINE.

[sell wine]

It’s crazy how are they able to get to their jobs!? Millennials are so unsatisfied with their jobs! They have unreal expectations. Wait hold on did you know!? Did you? WAIT!!!! Millennials work less than all other genearations! WHAT, YEA! They don’t work! And they’re paid less! THEY’RE STAYING AT THEIR JOBS LESS! Paid less because they don’t work, but also even if they work, they don’t have money- THEY’RE CHEAP except they buy stuff that’s not cheap too! They don’t drive cars! NONE OF THEM DRIVE!!!!! They have jobs with social justice. They are justice. No justice! Just Millennials.

[wine justice]

ITS ALL WE HAVE!!!!. Take us away. They have no jobs. WAIT! MILENIANALS ARE WHITE, DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE WHITE???? Its true, this graph says they are white.

[mill wine real]

HEY! Millennials use their phones like all the time! That’s crazy right? They did a study and they found that Millennials use their phones all the time! Did you hear? They get their news from them. Hey WAIT!!! Millennials are obsessed with nicktoons, did you know?!? They’re nostalgic. BECAUSE THE RECESSION!!!!! Millennials are so nostalgic. NOOOOOOO WAY RIGHT!?!?!?!?! Do you know Millennials totally like touch! YES! They are like always touching things- they touch each other too- its crazy, they do! Take us away! They touch their phones. They don’t cry! They don’t cry with their phones! Millennials touch their phones all the time. A study said so! They touch them all the time! They are unsatisfied with their phones. We want out SO BADLY!!!!

[wine touch]

WAAAAAAAAIT! Did you hear how much wine Millennials are drinking?! Millennials are drinking so much wine. They did a study. Millennials drink all the wine.

[wine 1]

no stars